Young, White, and Suicidal

I pretty much just post vinyl and bands I like so



jesus could most likely forgive you if you smoked some skrooooonggggg kush weed on easter sunday he would understand i’m sure

but if you smoke reggie on easter sunday you’re going straight to hell right next to satan you will be the devils footstool 


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Pity Sex

—Drown Me Out


I’ve got a loud mouth. Always thinking out loud. So drown me out. You’ve got a mean mouth. You’ve got a pretty mean mouth. You’ve got a pretty way about you when you drown me out. There’s nothing to talk about when we talk about love. I’ve had a bad thought on my mind for too long. Afraid to open up my mouth. So drown me out.

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Brand New

—Jesus Christ (layered)



this fucking song

always reblog. put headphones on and play this and you’ll cry for a month straight

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